When should I submit my application?

You need to submit your application for Building Regulations approval before work starts on site - preferably at least one week in advance. You can submit the application yourself or appoint someone, such as an agent, to do it for you. If you use an agent, we will generally send all correspondence to them.

How do I apply?

You can submit Building Control applications using our online forms (available under 'Types of application' below). 

The benefits of applying online include:

  • you can work on your applications in draft before submitting them

  • immediate delivery and acknowledgement of your application

  • savings on postage and printing costs

  • an online help function when completing applications and

  • an online record of your completed applications.

You can also apply via the Planning Portal. Registering on the Portal is simple and you can complete your application form, buy site location plans and upload supporting documents.

Types of application

Building Notice application

This application can be used for all domestic works, large and small, and does not require full plans to be submitted. This application is best suited if you need to get work underway quickly or do not want to have full plans drawn up. 

There are specific situations where this type of application can't be used, such as work that will be built close to or over the top of rain water and foul drains, or if a new building will front onto a private street. See the Planning Portal's Building Notice page for more information.

Please note that fees for Building Notice applications are non-refundable and are payable when the Building Notice is submitted.

Submit a Building Notice Application Online

Full Plans application

This application is for all work not covered by a Building Notice application. It requires full plans and construction details to be submitted. See the Planning Portal's Full Plans page for more information.

The application fee is paid in one instalment. This is made up of the plan charge and the inspection charge.

Please note that fees for Full Plans applications are non-refundable and are payable when the Full Plans Application is submitted.

Regularisation application

This application is for works that were carried out after 11 November 1985 but do not have Building Regulations approval. See the Planning Portal's Regularisation page for more information. Please note that fees for regularisation applications are non-refundable and are payable when the Regularisation application is submitted.

Submit a Regularisation Application Online


All Building Regulation applications are subject to fees.

The quickest and easiest method is to pay by card over the telephone on 0300 772 9622.