Where an existing numbering structure exists

Individual new properties will be addressed according to the pre-existing numbering scheme on their street, and where possible will be given a number which follows on from the previous property. In some cases this will require a suffix of the adjacent number (for instance 3a).

We are required to give all new properties a number.

Where an existing numbering structure does not exist

If the existing surrounding properties do not have numbers, the developer may submit a house name for approval.

This will be checked to ensure it does not conflict with any other names in the neighbourhood and that it complies with the address management policy **(currently under review).

Please note charges may apply for these requests/amendments.

To enable us to process applications as efficiently as possible, the following should submitted:

  • a completed application form

  • site layout plan (plans should be the latest approved by planning and they should clearly show the primary access point to the property from the highway)

  • new street name proposal where applicable (it is better to submit this information as soon as possible).