To enable us to process applications as efficiently as possible, developers should submit:

  • site layout plan (plans should be the latest approved by planning and they should clearly show the primary access point to the property from the highway)
  • new street name proposal where applicable (it is better to submit this information as soon as possible).
  • a completed application form.

When we have received your application and the site layout plan, we will do the following:

  • review the new street names with relevant parties
  • notify interested parties of the new street names
  • devise a numbering schedule for the properties
  • contact the developer to arrange payment
  • confirm addresses and any new street names with the developer.

Note for developers:

  • developers should ensure that they have the necessary planning permission before applying
  • please make us aware if any changes are made to the layout of the development after the application has been made.

Large developments

Where large developments require the building of new roads, the names of these roads are required to be approved by the local council. We undertake a thorough consultation process to obtain local agreement to any proposed street names.

Developers should contact us early during the development of new properties. This helps to reduce the time taken to consult for new street names and to obtain postcodes from Royal Mail. Please note charges may apply for these requests/amendments.

Street Name Plate Specification [PDF, 90Kb]