3C Building Control charges for its street naming and numbering services from 7 September 2023. These charges are not subject to VAT.

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Category Charge
Remove or amend existing property name £55
Name added to numbered property £55
Numbering of New Properties  
 1 property £55
2-5 properties £130
6-10 properties £185
11-25 properties £240
26-50 properties £295
51-100 properties £500
101+ properties £600 plus £15 per additional plot
Division of properties Same as "Numbering of New Properties" (and based on number of properties, including the original)
Confirmation of address to solicitors/ conveyancers / occupiers or owners £55
New developments - amendments to street names and numbering after developer redesign (following first notification of numbering scheme issued) £240 plus £15 per plot
Renaming of existing streets, following request Price on application (street nameplates to be recharged separately)
Issue of address following demolition and reconstruction £55 if address differs from that initially allocated
Additional street nameplates over and above statutory requirement Price on application

Please note, if the developer does not use 3C Building Control and utilises a private company, then an additional charge may be levied, to be advised on application.

For advice on payment please contact snn@3csharedservices.org.