We are legally responsible for assigning official names and numbers to new and existing streets and properties.

You have a legal obligation to display your house number and it is essential that your address and postcode are correct. The postal and emergency services, as well as the general public and businesses, need to find and reference properties.

New postal address

If you are building a new property or subdividing a property, you will need an official postal address.

Please apply as soon as possible if you are:

  • building more than one property
  • re-developing an existing property into multiple dwellings
  • developing a large estate. 
Submit a Street Naming and Numbering Form

If a new road name is required, the developer can propose the name or may pass the responsibility to the parish or town council. We check there are no issues with spelling, duplication, pronunciation or offence. An official Street Naming and Numbering Plan is then created and a notification sent to the relevant statutory bodies.

We will also inform Royal Mail, who will complete your full address by confirming your post town and postcode. When you receive your new Street Naming and Numbering Plan from us, you should contact Royal Mail to get your postcode. Please note that we do not issue postcodes.

If your property is not officially registered, you may find it difficult to access services and receive postal deliveries. It could also cause difficulties for the emergency services.

If you notice an error in your address on the electoral register, please contact us and we will update our records.

Adding, changing or removing a house name

You can add a house name or change the current house name of a numbered property.

Names will only be used as the primary identifier for a property where there is not a numbering sequence already in place.
Property names should not duplicate or part duplicate the name of the road.

Proposed names will be checked to ensure it does not conflict with any other names in the neighbourhood and that it complies with our address management policy.

If your property already has a house number as the official part of the address, then the number cannot be removed. A proposed name cannot be used as a replacement for that number.

Please note that you must use the allocated house number in conjunction with the property name in all correspondence. 

Submit a Street Naming and Numbering Form