Local Authority Building Control (LABC) offers you the opportunity to partner with the local authority of your choice for the plans approval process on all your projects, wherever they are located around the country.

The scheme is free and non-contractual. 

LABC has produced a range of useful guidance and advice, which you can access via the Building Control Guidance page.

Partner Benefits

Partnering with us will help to eliminate unnecessary delays and speed up the process leading to formal Building Regulations approval.

We will brief the local authority where the project is to take place that it will be responsible for site inspections. It's the best of both worlds - central management combined with fast, efficient inspections from a local team.

Other benefits include:

  • a single point of contact¬†

  • consistent advice on regulations and standards at an early stage

  • save time and money on wasted administration and travel

  • local inspections from a professional team near to your sites

  • simplified correspondence and faster resolution of queries

  • simplified fees and invoicing arrangements

  • options to use LABC New Home Warranty or latent defects insurance for commercial buildings.

For more information on partnering with us please contact Holly White 3C Business Development Manager on holly.white@3csharedservices.org